Another week, another hospital unit! This week was spent in the Intensive Care Unit. The patient census was definitely a lot lower than ICUs in Illinois so we got the chance to each focus on one patient but help in procedures with them all. We were able to do a lot of hands-on skills and observe many as well like NGT feedings, blood glucose tests, Foley catheter insertion, NGT insertion, and med passes. We had our first encounters with patient deaths this week too, a case of seizures after sepsis and multiple organ failure and another case of rheumatic heart disease. As emotional as these cases were, they taught me a lot about patient care and empathy and definitely made me a much stronger future nurse. Outside of the hospital this week, our preceptor Sir Jeff and his father-in-law, Kuya G, took us to hike the 1,500 steps at Mt. Makulot. It was definitely a hard challenge but the incredible views and fresh green mangoes made it all worth it. After the hike, we went to their family’s restaurant for a well-deserved lunch. For dessert, we went to their family farm property and made fresh buko juice. This was so delicious! This weekend, JAM (Jake + me + Mia) also got the opportunity to travel to Manila and explore! With our amazing tour guide once again, Ate Melissa, my best friend’s aunt who lives here, showed us some cool places! We had time to explore the SM Mega Mall and The Podium. Mall culture is definitely no joke here; they are all massive and one can spend an entire day in one. We also explored Bonifacio High Street and enjoyed the nightlife. On Sunday, we had the most delicious Korean BBQ at another mall and shopped and walked some more. A great ending to a great and eventful week! Next stop, the OR!

Half of the ICU staff we met this week! Incredible humans! The other half was off the day we took this picture
We stopped by Station 1 to say hi to our friends
Post climbing down the 1500 steps to take in the views and eat our green mangoes freshly picked off the trees
Climbing back up the 1500 steps, quite the challenge!!
Enjoying some fresh buko water at Kuya G’s farm – can you tell I loved it?
The Podium Mall, incredible!
Mia, Jake, and I walking around Bonifacio High street, perfect timing with the flag in the background
Enjoying the nightlife with Ate Melissa!
Korean BBQ for lunch on Sunday

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