Another week checked off in Cabrini and in the Philippines! This week was spent in the Emergency Room. I was very shocked at how different this ER was from the ER back in the states where I volunteered. There were many instances where we had to wait outside for patients to come in. As different as it was, I am very appreciative of the many hands-on nursing activities we were given the opportunity to perform and the procedures we were able to observe. These include seeing a very deep wound being cleaned up from metal shards, taking vitals on patients of all ages, setting up the ECG machine on patients, preparing several tetanus toxoid vaccines and other medications, observing a cervical inspection on a lady in labor, and speaking with the ER doctors. We met some amazing nurses in this department who taught us new skills! Two of the nurses were actually leaving Cabrini and working abroad in Singapore and the UK. During the weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to travel to Tagaytay City with my best friend’s family who lives here in Manila. They took us to Cabana’s restaurant where we had an amazing view of the Taal volcano. Then we went to the Puzzle Mansion and got to see the largest puzzle collection owned by one lady in the entire world. We then traveled to People’s Park in the Sky and took in all of the amazing views. To end our Saturday night, we beat the rain storm right on time and ate some meriendas at the Ruined Project. Looking forward to this following week as we rotate in the ICU!

Our ER coworkers on our last day
Got to visit our Station 1 family this week
Visited our first Filipino mall this week, SM Calamba
Went to a street food stand during one of our breaks. I tried lumpiang gulay, kwek kwek, and chicken isaw.
So grateful for Josh’s family who showed us around Tagaytay City! Look at that incredible view with Taal volcano in the background.
Delicious food at Cabana’s: pork sisig, BBQ ribs, bulalo, and of course rice
another picture of the amazing view
JAM outside of the Puzzle Mansion
Jake, Mia, me, and Ate Melissa at People’s Park in the Sky

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