Magandang gabi!

This week was spent preparing for our case presentation and a sneak peek into the chemotherapy unit. We went back to Station 1, the general ward, to pick our patient and be in charge of their care for the week. We gathered all the necessary information for our presentation which will be given to a lot of the supervisors at Cabrini, other staff nurses, the dean of the nursing school that Cabrini is partnered with, and other nursing students.

On Thursday, we left Station 1 and went to the chemotherapy unit. We met Ma’am Ika, Sir Alvin, Sir Edwell, Sir Ramon, and Ma’am Zoila there. Ma’am Ika quickly took us under her wing and showed us the ins and outs of how to handle chemotherapy drugs and what the routine is like when the patients come in. The patient comes in, vitals are taken, and height and weight are recorded. Once the doctors orders are in for the medications and labs are reviewed and approved, the patient gets an IV inserted and gets fluids running. Then they get their pre-chemo medications which have included Ondansetron, Benadryl, Dexamethasone, and Diphenhydramine. Then their chemo drug is prepared. It has been a cool opportunity to be able to be a part of this as many staff in the US need chemo certification prior to handling these drugs.

This weekend was also full of fun adventures with Josh’s family who have been amazing to us and showing us around the area. We traveled to Matabungkay beach and resort here in Batangas. We swam in the ocean, snorkeled and saw so many fish and coral, spent some time in the pool, jet skied, and ate delicious food. While we jet skied, it was amazing to take in the beauty of the Philippines and just be in the moment. It was a great end to the week before starting another work week in the chemo department!

Cabrini’s Cancer Institute
Room where the chemo medications are prepared
Siopao from 7/11
Taho, a dessert/breakfast made of silken tofu, tapioca pearls, and brown sugar syrup
BBQ at the resort
JAM and the Simoy family enjoying the beach post-boating

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