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Engaging Scholarship: Data Literacy and Service Learning in Undergraduate Research

Diego Mendez-Carbajo (Economics) and Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Ames Library) have co-authored a new article reporting the results of their study of undergraduate research projects in the field of Economics in Scholarship and Practice in Undergraduate Research. This study of 85 “capstone-level research projects” completed between 2012 – 2014 demonstrated that undergraduate research projects “with a community service focus displayed a stronger mastery by students of particular expected proficiencies … [than those with a traditional focus].”

The Center for Engaged Learning promotes student and faculty engagement in high-impact practices including community engagement, service learning, and undergraduate research, as well as opportunities to bring these initiatives together in a meaningful way across the IWU community.

Citation: Mendez-Carbajo, D., & Davis-Kahl, S. (2019). Experiential and service learning through local data projects. Scholarship and Practice in Undergraduate Research, 2 (4), 23-29.