Brenda Milcik

Nov 042013

Assistant Director of the Wesleyan Fund Van Miller ’04 (aka “IronVan”) and alumni Brian Rawlins ’01, Matthew Melick ’03 and Gena (Rawlins) Melick ’05 completed the 2013 Ironman Louisville competition, held on Aug. 24 in Louisville, Ky.  Competitors swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran a marathon. See the results.

Aug 012013

Class of 2004 Reunion 2013


(top row) Brette Bower ’04, Van Miller ’04, Laine Twanow ’04, Dan Elwood ’09, Mike Bragg ’05, Brandon Christol ’04, Jason Ozbolt ’04, (bottom) Beth Crowley ’04, Molly May ’06, Katie (Elwood) Bragg ’06, Joe Brickler ’04

We took advantage of one of the cool summer days this year to reunite with fellow Illinois Wesleyan alumni at Katie & Mike Bragg’s house in LaGrange Park, IL. Brandon, Van, and Laine drove up from Bloomington to join the rest of the group who all live and work in Chicago and the suburbs.
Jul 252013

2004 Sigma Kappas 2013


Sigma Kappa’s had a Sunday picnic at Kate Olmsted-Morris’s house in Bolingbrook with most of the husbands and kids for a rare chance for all of us to get together and see everyone’s kids!  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time catching up and watching the kids all play together.  We are the class of 2004 and here is everyone there:  Kim Di Nino-Olson, Tara Shepley-Goy, Erin Wetherille-Cullen, Kelly Green, Ashley Pletz-Mitnz, Julia Socke, Megan Miklusak-Mitchell, Stephanie Azzano-Blaszczyk, Kat Mason-McCreery, Juliana Giraldo-O’Connell, Jackie Smith-Heim, Kate Olmsted-Morris