Apr 272020
Hey there, Titans!
I hope that you are holding up well, during this unprecedented time. I ,like many of you are working from home, online! The challenges of this endeavor are many. I am teaching and completing my classes at two universities, online. In solitude, and under the stressful statistics from all over the world. I don’t know about you, but being separated from family and friends is the worst aspect. Let us try to strengthen one another.Please, feel free to send anything that you would like to post to your IWU alumni family. Today’s catchphrase is “We are in this together!” Indeed, we are. Stay safe and take care, fellow TITANS.
Be Encouraged and Be Blessed!
Dr. Debbie R. Burt-Frazier, EdD

  2 Responses to ““We are in this together!””

  1. Thanks for the wonderful words, Debbie. Best wishes to you, too.

  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful message, Debbie. Yes, it is crazy times here in safe and sane with my husband, Alan. No performances is very hard for theatre people who are used to performing. No film and television – ditto. Our wonderful business, ACT of Communication is thriving. Our “virtual” teaching and training aspect of our work has been a part of our business for almost 10 years…SO…that is like skyrocketing. OK. BUT our kids, their wives and our grandchildren live in houses kitty corner from one another only eight blocks away — but we can only see one another when we stand in one another’s driveways. My mother who is locked down in an assisted care facility less than 2 miles from our house, is 94 and just got even more restrictions in the building because of an increase of the rules from the local and state Public Health folks. I keep thinking…what is the point of living in the paradise of having your family close by if you can’t be with them?

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