Sep 152017

Hello everyone! What have you all been doing the last 43 years? Have you enjoyed your life’s journey? I sure have. I recently retired after a 40+ year career of teaching and serving as a school administrator. My journey began as an American Studies major where Paul Bushnell and Bob Bray somehow found a way to guide me through the challenge of higher education. After a earning a degree in Jr. High Education at the big school in Normal, I began my teaching career in Pekin, Illinois being a part of a brand new school, Broadmoor Jr. High. I concluded my career by opening and serving as principal for ten years at Desert Meadows School, in Laveen, AZ.

I want to encourage you to share your life’s journey with the Class of ’74 and all of the other great alumni and staff that call Illinois Wesleyan home. I know for a fact that our lives have not always been as we thought or planned when we entered our dorms for the first time. Two great examples are my friends Ned Carter and Roger Lirely. Ned told me in the spring of 1974 that he was going to study in Sweden for a year. He has now earned multiple degrees and raised a wonderful family in Sweden. He visits family and friends back here in the states. Roger was a pre-med student. Today he heads the Department of Accounting, Finance and Business Law at the University of Texas, Tyler. Those are great journeys full of twists and turns. Let’s hear yours! I can be reached at

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