Jul 262017

W. Richard Shindle (’59) has been awarded the Marquis Who’s Who Humanitarian Award. He was presented with a beautiful desk piece to commemorate this induction. From health care to international outreach, Marquis Who’s Who Humanitarians are individuals who strive to make a positive impact on their communities and the world. Congratulations, Dr. Shindle!

Here is a link to the World Wide Humanitarian Website, where you can read more about Richard’s achievements: https://worldwidehumanitarian.com/2017/07/06/richard-shindle/

We also have a note from Dr. Shindle regarding his time at IWU –

“Receiving this award from Marquis Who’s Who has giving pause to reconsider the impact of my years (1955-1959) at Illinois Wesleyan. The Korean War had delayed my college education, but it was in those years I had become aware and read the events surrounding the Bicentennial of J. S. Bach’s death (1950), which lead to the planning and early publication of the Neue Bach Ausgabe, then in the early 1950s, the preparation for the bicentennial of Mozart’s birth (1956) with the publications of the earliest volume of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe. My interest shifted more to Musicology as a discipline than music performance. During my years at Illinois Wesleyan, I can point to the classes that were most beneficial to me: Freshman Music Literature under Dr. John Silber; Form and Analyses, Counterpoint both 18th and 16th centuries, and also its application by the atonalists Schoenberg and Webern under Dr. Wilbur Ogdon. During my senior year, Dr. Ogdon took over the second semester of Music History for the regular professor who was on Leave of Absence. He gave many new insights with a fine sense of chronology from the Baroque to the middle of the 20th Century. I should also acknowledge the encouragement I received during those years form Dr. Bedford Watkins, my piano professor.”

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  1. Congratulation Dr. Rich……!
    Always thought you were someone special. Marilyn Veselack

  2. Congratulations, Richard.

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