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Week One

As of today, week one is officially in the books and I started my classes!

I am currently studying at Universidad de San Fransisco Quito and taking five classes: Antropologia Andina, Sociedades de las Amazonas, Ecologia y Recursos de Ecuador, Cultura Ecuadoriana, y Conservacion de los Galapagos. If you couldn’t already guess, all my classes are in Spanish.

Once again I am blessed with a fantastic host family. They have been so kind and welcoming. Unfortunately I can’t add photos because they exceed the MB. However I live with Maria and her two sons: Juan (25) and Ignacio (19). And of course they have a beagle named Waffle <3

I am traveling to Quito through the IES program. We had a whole week of orientation and it was incredibly helpful. In addition, as a group we have taken field trips to Historical Quito and Otavalo.

Ecuador has been incredible thus far. The fruit, the animals, the flowers, the people….I can’t wait to take it all in during these next four months!