Top Five Hidden Resources at The Ames Library: #2. ILLiad

#2. ILLiad

At this stage in your IWU career, you’re probably aware that we have a ton of books, journals, and databases to help you out with all your assignments, and that if we don’t have a book at Ames, you can borrow it from I-Share. You might not know, though, that we have a service that allows you to access articles and books that aren’t in our collections or I-Share–for free.

ILLiad is an interlibrary loan service that lets you request the full text of articles that we don’t have access to and books that aren’t available via Ames or I-Share. Requesting the materials you need is easy, but requires a separate account from your regular library account. On average, articles requested through ILLiad arrive within 48 hours and books arrive within 8 days. However, in some cases articles can take up to a week to arrive and books can take up to two weeks, so don’t wait until the last minute!

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