IWU Class of 2014 – Shutting Down Ames since 2010

White Board on Library 3rd Floor rotunda, August 23

IWU Class of 2014 – Shutting Down Ames since 2010 – The white board message sums it all up, the library is alive and humming and the semester has barely begun.

Make the most of shutting down Ames in the wee hours of the morning! Everyone at library is invested in your success.  Connect to a librarian who can help you make the most of our collections and services – you can find out who can help here: http://www.iwu.edu/library/contact/fac_staff.shtml

Our new search tool pulls together many scholarly resources.  Get exactly what your professor asked you to find with the Megasearch box on our Library home page: http://www.iwu.edu/library/ MegaSearch is a Google-like search tool that allows you to search most of the library’s collection in one place. You can look for books, DVDs, and CDs, as well as scholarly journals, magazines and newspaper articles.

We’re happy to have you here!

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