Core Values of Librarianship

The American Library Association is the professional organization representing public, academic, school, and special libraries in the United States. Last week, the Washington office released a statement, which was quickly criticized by the larger profession. In short, the statement highlighted ways in which the ALA would work with the incoming presidential administration. Read more about the issues in a recent post from Inside Higher Ed.

The Ames Library wants to call your attention to the Core Values of Librarianship, which “reflect the history and ongoing development of the profession” for many years.

Included in the Core Values are:

“It would be difficult, if not impossible, to express our values more eloquently than ALA already has in the  Freedom to Read statement, the  Library Bill of Rights, the  ALA Mission StatementLibraries: an American Value, and other documents. These policies have been carefully thought out, articulated, debated, and approved by the  ALA Council. They are interpreted, revised or expanded when necessary. Over time, the values embodied in these policies have been embraced by the majority of librarians as the foundations of their practice.”

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