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Updike, basketball, and Reading forever linked?

Writing for The Inquirer and its online version,, Frank Fitzpatrick relates just how big a recent high school basketball championship was for the City of Reading, what a single basketball star can mean to a beleaguered city, and how … Continue reading

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New De Bellis book is now available

If you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy, you can go to Amazon right now and get a copy of John Updike Remembered: Friends, Family and Colleagues Reflect on the Writer and the Man, edited by Jack A. De Bellis. The Amazon … Continue reading

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The Poorhouse Fair: A retro review

The county alms house was located just a few blocks from The John Updike Childhood Home, and it famously provided the inspiration for Updike’s first published novel. In a review of it, published in Commentary on March 1, 1959, David … Continue reading

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Updike on the ghost particle of the universe

In an article titled “In search of the neutrino, ghost particle of the universe,” The Guardian turned to John Updike again. “Every second,” Robin McKie writes, “billions of neutrinos pass through our bodies. The sun sends trillions streaming across space … Continue reading

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Updike’s baseball poem recalled

A blogger on The Nature of Things posted an entry titled “Houston, we have a World Series champion! in celebration of the team’s (and city’s) first World Series championship. “Baseball is a game that will break your heart two times … Continue reading

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John Updike: a literal man of letters

Writers write. And the great ones were often great at correspondence. Like Ernest Hemingway, John Updike wrote for popular publications of his day, and like Hemingway he was a proliferate letter-writer. How MUCH of a letter-writer is now coming to … Continue reading

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Random House to release digitalized Updike audio books

On Tuesday, October 24, Penguin Random House Audio Publishing will release downloadable three-hour audio books of John Updike’s short story collection Trust Me and his writings on golf, Golf Dreams—both volumes digitalized versions of analog cassette packages first issued by Random House Audiobooks … Continue reading

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Liberty Conservative takeaways from The Coup

On March 17, 2017, Larsen Halleck shared his thoughts about John Updike’s satirical novel, The Coup, for The Liberty Conservative—another political consideration of an author who, in his lifetime, was often criticized for not being political enough. “In his life,” Halleck begins, “John Updike … Continue reading

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New book analyzes writers’ tendencies

Scholars and would-be writers just got a resource that’s so fascinating they might not be able to get past the data to formulate a thesis of their own. In Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, Ben Blatt combines statistical analysis and literature … Continue reading

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Sunday reflection: Updike on churchgoing

The New Yorker has posted a full article by John Updike titled “The Future of Faith; Confessions of a churchgoer,” which was originally published in the Nov. 29, 1999 issue. More than a reflection, the essay illustrates the research that … Continue reading

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