Herb Yellin’s Updike collection is now selling online

Book collector Herb Yellin founded Lord John Press in 1976 in order to publish special limited editions of authors’ works, including a great many by John Updike. Although he died in 2014, Yellin’s extensive collection of Updike books is now being sold online by Between the Covers, a rare book store located in Gloucester City, N.J.

Search “John Updike” on eBay and sort from highest to lowest and the first item to pop up is Yellin’s collection of 438 foreign language signed first editions of John Updike, which is being sold in bulk and carries a whopping price tag of $32,000. The John Updike Childhood Home would love to have these, but it’s a little out of our league. For collectors, Between the Covers has individual Updike items as well, all signed and some very scarce.

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