Reader’s Digest picks Updike commentary as a most memorable

One hundred years ago, in 1922, Reader’s Digest began publishing a general-interest family magazine that balanced original content with reprints of some of the best stories from other publications. Known for a popular feature on readers’ “most memorable characters” in their lives, the magazine put a spin on that and recently published a list of “32 of the Most Memorable Reader’s Digest Stories Ever; A look at the significant, memorable, and prescient articles and authors from 100 years of Reader’s Digest Updike made the cut.

Reader’s Digest‘s Caroline Fanning writes, “The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner frequently graced our pages. In February 1997, we republished ‘Paranoid Packaging’ from the New Yorker, sharing Updike’s commentary on one of America’s most vexing issues: how increasingly hard it is to open things. ‘All this time, childproof pill bottles had been imperceptibly toughening and complicating, to the point where only children had the patience and eyesight to open them.’”

Happy 100th!

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