Ereads picks their 10 Best Updike Books

Ereads, a self-identified “bunch of book enthusiasts who enjoy reading books and writing about them,” recently posted their “10 Best John Updike Books,” with series counting as one:

1) The Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom Series (including “Rabbit, Remembered” in Licks of Love and Other Stories)—”5 of the most exciting books you will ever read”

2) The Twelve Terrors of Christmas—“short and funny, for all the Christmas Scrooges”

3) The Centaur—”The way that John manages to capture the essence of the story and describe Chiron’s painful search for relief through these characters is what makes this book one of the best John Updike books ever”

4) The Complete Henry Bech—”entertaining . . . a wonderful series”

5) Gertrude and Claudius—”a strong competitor for being the all-time best John Updike book ever . . . a prequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet

6) Brazil—The plot is filled with love, hate, endurance, tragedy, and lots more. The characters are as memorable as ever and John takes the time to describe everything that happens with passion and taste”

7) John Updike: The Early Stories—”Hidden inside this book is a lot of excitement, happiness, thrill, mystery, and much more”

8) Terrorist—”a serious one with many thought-provoking events and the ending is as suspenseful as it sounds”

9) Eastwick book series—”full of the paranormal, fantasy, mystery, and a lot of suspense”

10) In the Beauty of the Lilies—”an amazing historical fiction by John that takes place during the 1900s . . . . There are many weird things to discover about this family and many things to learn as well”

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