Scoop Whoop recommends 10 Shades of Eros

In mid-April, when the publicity blitz for the most recent cinematic installment of Fifty Shades of Grey was in full swing, Scoop Whoop tossed off “10 Erotic Novels Other Than ’50 Shades of Grey’ That You Need To Share Your Bed With,” and of course Updike made the list.

Why wouldn’t he? Couples was one of the novels that bridged the gap between the literary and the tawdry, blazing the trail for future writers to candidly describe sexual encounters in their serious fiction.

Parthavee Singh compiled the list for Scoop Whoop, and included:

Beautiful Secret (2015), by Christina Lauren
Inside Madeleine (2014), by Paula Bomer
Women (2014), by Chloe Caldwell
Men in Love (1980), by Nancy Friday
G. (1972), by John Berger
Forever (1975), by Judy Blume
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984), by Milan Kundera
Couples (1968), by John Updike
House of Holes (2011), by Nicholson Baker
Lust (1989), by Susan Minot

Couples by John Updike is a tastefully seductive and graphic representation of love, marriage and adultery. A one of a kind classic, this novel is powerful enough to leave an impact on individuals helping them inspire others to read it too.”


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