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If you missed it: David Foster Wallace’s famous slam on Updike

Literary Hub today reminded readers of the late novelist David Foster Wallace‘s famous attack on John Updike and “the Great Male Narcissists” in his 1997 review of Toward the End of Time, published originally in the Observer. In fact, they posted … Continue reading

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Playwright to adapt Updike’s Gertrude and Claudius reported that playwright Mark St. Germain is adapting John Updike’s “prequel” to Shakespeare’s Hamlet for the stage. Orlando Shakespeare Theater has commissioned the project, and a staged reading of the Gertrude and Claudius play “will be featured at the Theater’s … Continue reading

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Are cigarettes and golf transcendent for writers?

A book review of Gregor Hens’s Nicotine written for The Atlantic begins, “Writers have long found rich fodder for their work in their leisure pursuits. John Updike, writing about golf in The New York Times in 1973, described the pastime as ‘a non-chemical hallucinogen’ … Continue reading

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John Updike letters sought

The John Updike Letters Project For those who may have missed the announcement, The John H. Updike Literary Trust has named John Updike Society vice president James Schiff as editor of a volume of John Updike’s letters. Schiff, who edits The … Continue reading

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Trump, Russia, Rabbit and golden showers?

Donald Trump is in the news again (still), this time with media outlets reporting on new allegations regarding the president-elect, his ties to Russia, and a bizarre twist some in the Twittersphere are calling “#watersportsgate.” In a story titled “Americans Deserve … Continue reading

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Fifth Updike Conference Call for Papers issued

South Carolina may still be a fresh memory, but it’s time for Updike scholars and aficionados to look ahead to June 2018, when the Fifth Biennial John Updike Society Conference will be held in Belgrade, Serbia. Please note that one … Continue reading

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Beyoncé, James Cone, and Updike’s Skeeter

In a scholarly essay posted January 9, 2017 on The Other Journal website, Lauren D. Sawyer considers Updike’s controversial character Skeeter from Rabbit Redux in a larger context:  “No Savior at All:  Updike’s Black Jesus and the White Church.” There is much to digest here—too … Continue reading

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Writer offers Brief Survey of the Great American Novel(s)

You’ve heard the debate. Probably participated, as well. Is there a Great American Novel? Emily Temple, writing for Lit Hub, takes readers back to 1868 when John William DeForest “coined the now inescapable term ‘the great American novel’ in the title … Continue reading

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Sportsblogger reviews Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, Run has been reviewed hundreds of times, but this one—posted on Sportsblog January 5, 2017—is a little different:  “Book Review: Rabbit, Run, by John Updike; Running in Israel.” Or, rather, not running. As the author writes, “In Rabbit, Run, the protagonist’s method for … Continue reading

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New Yorker’s The ’60s: The Story of a Decade features Updike

The New Yorker has released a third volume in a decade-by-decade anthology series collecting pieces published in the famed magazine that best reflect each decade. John Updike pops up several times in The ’60s: The Story of a Decade, which was published … Continue reading

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