Picture of me earlier in the
year cause finals are really
hitting me rough right now

My names is Alexis and I’ll be participating in the Freeman Asia Program. Leaving the country much less Illinois has always seemed out of reach given my family’s socioeconomic disposition. This is why I am so grateful for the position I was awarded at Technos College in Tokyo, Japan. To start this off I thought that I would begin by thanking both Dr. Amoloza and Dr. Kojima for all the help they have given to me and other people pursuing the program in the past semester. I acknowledge that this program is some what of a privilege to be awarded at the undergrad level.

Image of Technos College

During my two month stay in Japan I will be a sort of teacher’s assistant for the English courses taught at the school. I have previous experience in sort of learning languages given my two minors in Japanese Studies as well as Hispanic Studies, but not really in teaching language. I was a TA for Japanese 101 last semester, but in that situation me and most of the students there grew up speaking English. Once I am at Technos I might not have the leeway I was given here. This has me both scared and excited for what is waiting for me in Japan

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