Third Week

Weeks are getting a bit repetitive at work, so I think I’ll switch to a weekly recap rather than day by day.

This was a pretty tough week for me because I had two Zoom meetings to attend hosted by people living in America. This meant I had to wake up a like 1 AM which had me grumpy for two days at work. All in all, though there’s not much for me to complain about since students are always nice to me and Henry even though they don’t show up to our office hours. Apparently, students are the same no matter what country you’re in.


This week I didn’t go out of the way for food, but I did go to Mcdonald’s and got a melon soda float and samurai mac from McDonald’s. On a walk around me and henry found a burger king sign advertising some pretty interesting burgers. Apparently, they have a bunch of “Mexican” whoppers and a giant whopper with multiple patties. On our trip to Shinjuku which is a popular area for clubs and bars, I tried souffle pancakes, tonkatsu, grilled squid, and takoyaki. A lot of it was by this shrine that and Henry visited that had a bunch of food stands. On our trip to Kawagoe, we got some udon and then I also got some eel which has been my favorite thing to eat so far.


The Shrine

Shinjuku is basically the place to be if you wanna be clubbing and reminded me a lot of downtown Chicago, but way nicer. It can a bit sketchy though if you don’t know what you’re doing since me and Henry took a couple wrong turns and ended up in some alleyways with some dingey-looking bars and people trying to talk to us about hostess clubs. The rest of the city felt like any other part of Tokyo, but with bigger buildings, lots of people, and a very lively nightlife. There is the main city with tons of buildings, but not as many stores as maybe Shibuya, but a lot of restaurants. off to the sides, you’ll find a lot of clubs and bars, especially on this one street called golden Gai. Then there is the Hanazono shrine with mask shops and tons of street vendors where you can try takoyaki, yakitori, and all sorts of street food. I even got some stuff from a gacha machine

Kawagoe was a place we went to, as it has all of the stuff tourists would wanna. Students said it was like a little Edo and a bigger Asakusa and that’s exactly what it felt like. People walk around in Yukata, tons of old-fashioned restaurants with tatami mats and lots of shrines. Of course, there were also tons of newer-looking buildings, and me and Henry even went to the arcade where I went crazy for the gacha and claw machines. We even played this one game called taiko no tatsujin which is a rhythm game where you play by hitting two big drums. Very fun week.

The claw machine

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