The 50th Anniversary of “The Last Shot”


Scoreboard image captured from the film linked in this post.

January 13, 2020 marks an historic day in Titan Basketball history. Fifty years ago IWU’s annual cross-town rivalry came to an end with a last second shot by team Captain Tom Gramkow, Class of 1970. His top-of-the-key jumper was called “The last second, last shot, last game!” by the editors of the 1970 Wesleyana.

According to the January 16, 1970 coverage in The Argus, “This victory gave the Titans a final 69-42 .series lead. In coach Jim Collie’s first year at ISU and in this his last year, the Titans beat State by one point. In 1958, Collie’s first year, the score was 62-61, IWU.”

This silent film shows segments of the last half of the last game IWU played against ISU. The creator of the film is unknown but at some point a copy was made on VHS and this file contains all of the game that was donated to the archives.

This link leads to photos of the team in the locker room after the game and an additional link to the film. The film is also briefly shown during an interview Dennie Bridges and Coach Jack Horenberger recorded in 1991 about the history of IWU athletics. Other items related to athletics history are available online through the University Archives’ collections of photos and documents as well as the official IWU Athletics website.

If you have additional photos or more information about this event, please contact or 556-1538.


One thought on “The 50th Anniversary of “The Last Shot”

  1. This event was a bit before my time at IWU but I remember in the fall of 1974 my RA, Dan Walls, had the photo of the “Final Shot” with a piece of the net. In viewing the 1/16/70 Argus which reported on the game (page 8) I see that REO Speedwagon is performing tonight, January 17th (50 years ago) in the Main Lounge. Since my wife is out of town I can use the stag admission which is only 50 cents. If I leave for campus now should still make the concert. Maybe we can get them to give a repeat performance at Homecoming 2020 for a slightly greater admission cost.

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