Oct 222018

Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival screened the comedy-horror web series Dear Dark Lord,  a production of alumnus Pat Cavanaugh ’14. The web series “chronicles a young woman’s dual struggles to: 1) Make it in the big city, and 2) Serve an unholy wretch known as ‘The Dark Lord.'”

The series is 8 episodes long and is aims to find “the humor and horror in searching for connection — and yourself — in early adulthood.”

Cavanaugh received his BA in English Writing and Political Science and is currently pursuing a MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Northwestern University’s Graduate School. His involvement and performance at improv theaters is where Dear Dark Lord began in discussion with collaborator Ryan T. Eakins.

For more information, check out the website Deardarklord.com

Mar 122016
Patrick Cavanaugh ’14 recently returned to Illinois Wesleyan University to speak with students in Joanne Diaz’s Practical Criticism class about careers for humanity majors. He shared with students about how English majors are becoming even more valuable in the workforce.
“Knowing how to construct an argument from end to end and knowing how to sell an argument is something you learn indirectly through writing papers for The Tempest or in writing critical theory,” he said.
Cavanaugh '14 photograph by Robert Frank III

Cavanaugh ’14 photograph by Robert Frank III