Brenda Milcik

Apr 112019

Attention Milestone Reunion Challenge! An anonymous donor from the class of 1994 will donate $50 per gift, up to $50,000, made by alumni celebrating a milestone reunion this year (grad years ending in in 4 or 9).

Jan 072019

Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics Robert (Bob) Leekley passed away on Tuesday, Jan.1. Prof. Leekley started teaching at Illinois Wesleyan in 1974, and from his first year to his 44th, his commitment to IWU and our students remained unchanged. His positive impact on generations of students and colleagues will not be forgotten. Read an obituary. A service will be held in the IWU Evelyn Chapel from 11-12 on Wednesday, January 9th.

Apr 072016

Today is All In for Wesleyan at IWU.  Dr. Randy Reed ’73 has offered to give $500 for each class year with 30 donors today, and an additional $500 for each class with 60 donors. Seriously – every dollar counts! Help the class of 2014 meet this Challenge.  Click this link to donate  You can also see how 2014 is doing in the challenge.


You can see All In on campus by clicking here.

May 122015

On AI'm-All-In-For-Wesleyan-icon 2014pril 9, Titans of all generations pulled together and showed their pride on the third annual All In For Wesleyan. More than 1,800 gifts of all sizes from 49 states and 17 countries totaled over $500,000 in support of Illinois Wesleyan University and our students. Our collective philanthropy served as an inspiration to the next generation as All In For Wesleyan firmly established itself as an Illinois Wesleyan tradition, both on campus and off. The class of 2014 had the most donors, 76 on April 9th and donations totaling $2,130.56.

Thank you 2014 Alumni for being “all in” all the time, and for continuing to make Illinois Wesleyan one of your giving priorities. If you have already made your gift this year, thank you! If you have not made your gift this year, I hope that you will join me as a donor and put us one more gift closer to our participation goal. You can make your gift by visiting It is your support that keeps Illinois Wesleyan strong, and develops the next generation of leaders.

Your partner in support,

Van Miller ‘04

Director of Annual Giving


Apr 092015

Today is All in for Wesleyan 2015!  All gifts made today will be matched by an anonymous donor (up to $75,000).

And this year, there’s a twist.  Let me explain.

Gifts to the Wesleyan Fund support student financial assistance and also the little, but essential, things that create the Illinois Wesleyan experience.  So today we’re celebrating these little essentials — the unsung heroes.  Make a gift today and your name could appear next to one of these items for a limited time.*

Give today and your name could be selected to grace the hot spot, the WESN microphone, and other pieces of campus that will be announced throughout the day. (Learn more)

Give today and your gift will be matched by an anonymous donor.

Give today and show that you’re proud to be a Titan!

Feb 132015

February 16th is Thank A Giver Day — a day when the Illinois Wesleyan campus community celebrates the generosity of our supporters. We celebrate Thank A Giver Day on February 16th because at this point we’re 70% of the way through the school year. Since tuition covers 70% of the total cost of an IWU education, it’s a fitting time to draw attention to the fact that outside support from alumni and friends of the University plays a key role in delivering the kind of educational experience we expect from our alma mater.

Last year, over 8,000 people made gifts to Illinois Wesleyan University and, regardless of the size, each and every one played a role in keeping Illinois Wesleyan strong. If you would like to take a moment to make your annual gift, we invite you to do so at

Go Titans!


Jul 312014

IWU’s fiscal year ends TODAY – July 31 – Thank you if you’ve already made your annual gift!

Now help us find the 47 additional alumni donors we need to reach our participation goal by today. Organizations view alumni participation as the metric that measures alumni satisfaction. It affects IWU’s ranking, bond rating, and ability to earn grants, so make your gift today at to keep IWU strong!  Every donor counts!

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