Mar 272014


I recently played a minor actor role in a TV series for the web.  “Twenties: The Series” follows three young men who move in together other (despite their misgivings) and navigate the vicissitudes of life, while overcoming the anxieties, pressures, and heartbreaks of the twenties. It was such a wonderful experience for me to play my character, Alex, especially as he encourages his partner, Ryan, to feel comfortable with his (Ryan’s) own sexuality.  I know that viewers will be able to relate to the issues in this show.  It has been particularly satisfying to stand up for being, and loving, yourself, which is what Alex essentially does in the show.  I think that many young adults struggle with that at some point.  It’s so critical for actors in TV and film to remind us that we are not alone: we all deserve love and support, and someone to be there for us when we are feeling anxious or uncertain.

Watch all nine episodes at!  Start with the pilot, and look for me in episodes 1-4, with an appearance at the very end of the finale, Episode 9.
Check it out on IMDB: Twenties: The Series.


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Thanks! –Daniel

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  1. Dan, you da MAN!!!
    Can I please have your autograph?

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