Apr 102015

I'm-All-In-For-Wesleyan-icon 2014THANK YOU for being All In For Wesleyan!

More than 1,800 gifts of all sizes from 49 states and 17 countries totaled over $500,000 in support for Illinois Wesleyan University and our students. The impact that proud alumni and friends can have on the University in one day is truly amazing.

The campus community celebrated you for the role you play in keeping the University strong. They enjoyed witnessing the day unfold as gifts and feelings of pride poured in from around the world. Our collective philanthropy served as an inspiration to the next generation as All In For Wesleyan firmly established itself as an Illinois Wesleyan tradition, both on campus and off.

Visit the All In For Wesleyan website to see the gift map, challenge recaps, and more fun stuff. You’ll see there are 8 campus items up for naming rights and anyone who gave to All In For Wesleyan could be selected. Names will be announced on April 21.

We’ve heard from many of you that your gifts are in the mail, so we’ll finalize the All In For Wesleyan total and announce that on April 21 as well.

Thank you again for doing well, and doing good.

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