Sep 222021

Heather Olt will be premiering on September 24th, her new dramedy short/ pilot as part of the Oscar qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival. It will also screen at the Catalyst Story Institute Festival, the biggest indie television festival in late Sept./ early Oct. in Duluth, MN.

Synopsis: Emily and Kristen are best friends. Emily, a successful entrepreneur, waited too long to have a baby
and, despite her best efforts to have one and raise it alone, she’s now told it’s physically impossible.
Kristen, a struggling actress, is simultaneously nine months pregnant and is forced to raise her baby
alone after being left by her “I’m sorry, I can’t do this” boyfriend, Mark. After meeting up to
commiserate over their recent losses, they concoct a plan to raise Kristen’s baby together. In “Last
Chance Moms,” we explore the difficulties that women in their 40s experience when confronted with
their biological clocks. They want it all, but what happens when it seems they can’t have it? They
find a way…

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