All In for Wesleyan Becomes a Tradition in 2015

On April 9, Titans of all generations pulled together and showed their pride on the third annual All In For Wesleyan. More than 1,800 gifts of all sizes from 49 states and 17 countries totaled over $500,000 in support of Illinois Wesleyan University and our students. Our collective philanthropy served as an inspiration to the next generation as All In For Wesleyan firmly established itself as an Illinois Wesleyan tradition, both on campus and off. The class of 1995 had 27 donors on April 9th and donations totaling $3,610.00.

Thank you 1995 Alumni for being “all in” all the time, and for continuing to make Illinois Wesleyan one of your giving priorities. If you have already made your gift this year, thank you! If you have not made your gift this year, I hope that you will join me as a donor and put us one more gift closer to our participation goal. You can make your gift by visiting It is your support that keeps Illinois Wesleyan strong, and develops the next generation of leaders.

I'm-All-In-For-Wesleyan-icon 2014


Your partner in support,

Van Miller ‘04

Director of Annual Giving

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