Apr 262016

Five Wesleyan grads participated in two joint barbershop shows in Danville on April 9.  Bloomington’s Sound of Illinois chorus and Danville’s chorus performed separately and together in the finale.

jim stahly

From left: Danville director Jim Beebe ’61; and Bloomington members Harry Lovell ’58, Jim Stahly ’62, Tim Calhoun ’67, and Byron Blair ’70.  Both Stahly and Blair are former Bloomington directors.

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  5 Responses to “Jim Beebe ’61, Jim Stahly ’62, and Tim Calhoun ’67”

  1. What a great picture for me to see! I am a lifetime member of the Barbershoppers, and it is always great to see old friends who are still so involved. Keep America Singing, men! I wish you the best!

    Al Carnine

  2. Such a treat to read of IWU grads Beebe, Stahly, and Lovell (and the note from Carnine) singing to extend the enrichment of their lives. They made great memories of music ed classes way back when. They are proving what recent brain research is telling us: it remains a life-long gift. Best wishes to all our Pfeiffer warblers! Keep making that music!

  3. It’s real good to hear about you Tim and keep singing !

  4. Another Carnine Tunes In:
    Two Jims and one Harry Barbershopping. Their music is, ah, compelling. Jim #1(Stahly) and I sing with the Paradise Coastmen Chorus in Naples, Florida. Jim #2 (Beebe) and I are Frat Brothers. The Harry one and I were Trauma (oops Drama) majors in the early 60’s. Their musicality will Keep the Whole World Singing.

  5. Great to see you all. Tim Calhoun a voice from the past. Stahley are you sitting down or are you standing in a hole ?

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