PSCI 397: Journal Entry #13


Today was one of a more serious, influential day for me since I have been in Hiroshima. I met with one of the hibakusha involved with WFC. My journal entry today is going to be a reflection of my time spent with him and his story. One thing I noticed was that he talked little about himself and what happened to him specifically and more about his family, especially his mother. He seemed to remember so many details when it came to his family. He remembered the impact the radiation had on his mother vividly. I believe this represents his care and concern for his family and their well-being. He was young at the time of the bombing, his memory of everything impressed me. He made it clear to us that he feels like he was one of lucky ones and yet he still lost family and friends due to the bombing and radiation. I greatly appreciated his willingness to spend time with us and telling us his story.

Peace and love,


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