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For some reason, I can’t edit, format, or delete the Home page.
So I will be using this Blog page as a way to format the way my blog will appear!

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  • Blog Layout

    Hi everyone! I’ve spent some time today getting to know WordPress and formatting my blog. For some reason, I can’t see this home page in the editor, so I haven’t been able to spruce it up. I’ve not done anything … Continue reading →

  • Week 3 (6/26 – 7/2)

    Monday, 6/26Today at work I decided to start taking pictures of my lunches. They are always very healthy, and I have been surprised by how delicious they are! The cooks are very talented. I’ve gathered from the other teachers that … Continue reading →

  • Week 2 (6/19-6/25)

    Monday, 6/19It’s back to work with me! Nearby SOLTILO there is a grocery store called “AEON STYLE Makuhari Bay Park”. AEON is a large chain of malls, while it is not a mall this grocery store is owned by AEON. … Continue reading →

  • Week 1! (6/11-6/18)

    I can’t believe it’s been a week already! So many things have happened that the time just flew right by. If you are interested, all of the embedded photos will bring you to categorized photo galleries. Additionally, I have included … Continue reading →

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