The Two With Lots of Photos P1

In the next two blog posts, I will post some of the many pictures taken in the Philippines and describe what is going on. This album mostly focuses on the Rice Planting day and the subsequent tour of Los Banos the other Wesleyan interns and I went on.

Above you can see Aidan prepare to use a tool designed to plant rice seeds across the field in an efficient manner.

In the three images above, the Indian and Wesleyan Interns practice seed broadcasting, the act of throwing rice seeds in a large arc onto the field.

In the above two photos, the head instructor describes different methods for ensuring the rice seeds are safe from predators.

At the end of the day, all the interns posed for a group photo.

After the rice planting day, the Wesleyan students and I went on a tour of Los Banos. Here we are in front of Lake Laguna at the “I Love LB” sign.

Here are some more pictures of the surrounding beauty of the Philippines.

And a Fish!!

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