About Me

Some of you may know me as Rory, while others know me as M or Emma. All are technically correct- Rory was a nickname I chose for myself when I first started college, but eventually began to retract as I grew more comfortable with my real name and it’s shortened version.

Regardless of what name I go by, I am a student with a love for illustration and design, and a bad habit of getting too excited about color theory. When I am not attending classes, I work as a groundskeeper for my high school back in my hometown and make graphics for my mom’s video editing side job in my spare time. I am 21, I have a wonderful ESA dog named Ringo, and I have been an RA on campus for a year and a half.

I hope you will follow me throughout my journey this summer, and that it provides you with useful perspective, inspiration, or even just a little entertainment!