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Updates (and more culture!)

We’re about halfway through our time here now – we’ve been here about a month and we have one more left.  Things are starting to pick up here, as school has started in St. Scho and we’re starting to get a lot of projects and full schedules.  Being busy is a welcome relief though, as … Continue reading »

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Our Weekend with the Marquez Family

This past weekend Kelsey and I were graciously taken in for a two-day homestay by Mrs. Becky Marquez, the Dean of Student Affairs, and her family.  We were picked up Saturday morning and took a day trip to Tagaytay, a city a few hours (with traffic) south of Manila.  We went with Mrs. Becky and … Continue reading »

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The College Atmosphere

Classes have just started for the college students at St. Scholastica’s, and I have been assisting the Student Council and the Council of Student Leaders in helping with “Frosh Orientation.”  I was very fortunate to have had a “Turning Titan” week at Illinois Wesleyan, which is run very well.  At IWU, the new students move … Continue reading »

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Scholastican Leadership Training in Baguio

I recently returned from a three-day Student Leadership retreat to the St. Scholastica’s Convent in Baguio City, which is a 6 hour drive north from Manila. Baguio is located high in the Cordillera Mountains, and as such, it’s about 20 degrees cooler there than it is in Manila.    Baguio is known as “the summer capital … Continue reading »

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More Observations!

I’ve talked previously about the awful traffic here, and there’s no denying it’s bad – the other day I almost got run over on the sidewalk by a chain of motorcycles who had driven up on the sidewalk to try to get around a traffic jam, for example.  But in a way, Filipino drivers are … Continue reading »

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What I Learned from Buying Pants

I think the thing that’s given me the biggest up close and personal uncomfortable culture shock so far has been shopping for pants.  I didn’t bring any pants with me, because this is the Philippines. But pants are more appropriate for work environments here than some of the other things I brought, so I set … Continue reading »

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Food and Public Transportation

Food here includes a lot of tropical fruits, vegetables, and seafood, although pork and chicken are also quite popular.  And every dish is eaten with rice, even breakfast food.  The way dishes are prepared varies hugely on the region the person making it comes from, as it’s done a little differently everywhere. There are also … Continue reading »

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The Culture of St. Scholastica’s

Kelsey and I are doing our internships in the Student Affairs Office (SAO) of St. Scholastica’s College (SSC), or “St. Scho.”  It’s a prestigious Catholic school for girls, and includes an elementary, high school, and college.  It was founded in 1906 by German Benedictine nuns, and nuns still teach and reside on campus (in full … Continue reading »

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Getting Acclimated to Manila

I’ve been here for a couple days now, and I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of things, or at least know what to expect in certain places. I’ll share here some of what I’ve learned so far, a “Filipino Culture 101” kind of thing: The Philippines is an archipelagic nation, and there’s … Continue reading »

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The Layover and Arrival in Manila

***I wrote this on a word document last Saturday and I’ve been waiting to upload it, but internet connection for me has been difficult to come by*** I left Chicago with a group of 9 other girls at 8:30pm Chicago time, and arrived in Dubai at “7:10pm” the next day after a 13 hour flight. I … Continue reading »

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