Creepy Carrots

Title: Creepy Carrots!

Author(s): Aaron Reynolds

Illustrator/Photographer: Peter Brown

Publisher and Year: Simon & Schuster Books 2012

Number of pages: 30

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Horror

Analysis: Each analysis should be about 350 to 500 words and include the following information:

1)      Summary:

A rabbit named Jasper ate carrots every chance he could, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The carrots, who are portrayed with human characteristics, were fed up with it so, they came up with a diabolical plan to make him hate them. Three carrots haunted and made him go crazy to the point he built a fence around them so they could never get out.

2)      Theoretical Framework:

The characters are rabbits. There is one family through the whole book.

Jasper, the main character, is represented as happy at first and scared and worried towards the end. The story almost makes it seem like he is going crazy. His parents are confused because they do not know what is going on with him. The reader is both far and up close sometimes. There is an outside looking in point of view all of the time.

It is ironic that the book makes carrots scary looking, since it is a children’s book and many children do not like vegetables.

There were times where Jasper was to the right of the page when he thought carrots were following him. He pretty much remained the same size not showing that he was disadvantaged even though he was.

The parents only showed up when there were problems and Jasper asked them for help.

There are a couple lines of capillarity which shows a bit of nervousness that Jasper had.

I feel the texts and images mirrored each other, so this is a Picturebook.

3)      Illustrations:

There are only four colors. At the beginning Jasper is very excited and there are carrots that are able to come up out of the ground. The carrots that haunted him had creepy yellow eyes. But every time he would run from them, and then turn around, they would act like nothing happened. They use the color orange to trick Jasper into thinking the carrots are following him. There seems to be a lot of shadows and they are huge shadows for small roles. He started to get so scared he thought he was seeing them everywhere. That’s until he built the fence that kept them inside. Then the carrots were happy some doing back flips just because he could not eat them anymore.

4)      Commentary

The author tells the reader how that he was afraid of black olives, so I’m guessing the carrots took the place of them in this book. Jasper dedicated the book to Paul Rodeen and called him a 24-carrot gem of an agent.

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