The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics

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  1. The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics
  2. Author: Edward Keenan
  3. Illustrator: Julie McLaughlin
  4. Publisher and Year: OwlKids Books Incorporated, 2015
  5. Number of pages: 63
  6. In Edward Keenan’s book, The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics, the American political is explained to a young audience in a fun, engaging way that fosters an interest in becoming civically involved. In these times of federal upheaval and chaos at  1600 Pennsylvania Ave, it is more imperative than ever that this  book,  an enduring symbol  that  millions  of  Americans and people from around the world will hail as a symbol of freedom and that you can accomplish most anything in America if the conditions are right and you don’t give up on your goal, was written.So far as the picturebook codes in this story are concerned, the primary code in this book was that of size. Throughout the book, the characters are rather small as to allow space for the text of the book (which, in this case, is much more important than the illustrations since there is so much of it). When shown next to the text initially, the illustrations are much, much smaller, but are much more of a dominant presence at the end. The illustrations are quite beautiful, as they are both colorful yet simple for the citizens of the United States from Alaska to New York. The illustrator chose a lovely strategy of using many shades of watercolors for the different people, and it is even more poignant when contrasted with the crisp blue backgrounds of each page. Finally, when it comes to special features, the book itself is a rarity-a combination of Government 101 with a humorous, light narrative. The ideology of the book is that it wants everybody  to be able to exercise their full voting, First Amendment, and political rights fit  in with their fellow Americans.


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