Gulick time capsule

poster showing the original house donated by Anna Gulick that served as a "small hall" and construction of the current building.

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There’s been a plan to demolish Gulick Hall for the last few years to make way for the Petrick Idea Center. One of these times, in the fall of 2022, I prepared a poster for the current students of Gulick to learn about the building’s origins and namesake. I compiled these photos and many more at the request of the Petrick planners and made sure they knew there was a time capsule in the building.

Demolition was scheduled again for the end of May 2023, so I contacted Physical Plant personnel to begin arranging for the removal of the time capsule. They verified that a box was behind the date stone on the north east corner of the entrance side of the building, and on March 24th a small group of Residential Life staff and a few students met to witness the removal.

Malik took the box back to ORL for an opening event at a later date, and then we found out that Gulick gets another reprieve! On May 12th campus was notified that the building would remain for the happy reason of a larger than expected incoming class.

This post serves as a record of the removal and a reminder that other time capsules exist. Between 2011-2023, three other time capsules have been removed and opened: Sheean Library, Mark Evans Observatory, and the Memorial Gym/Hansen. One other was placed in a building (State Farm Hall, placed in 2013) and one other was dedicated in the Spring of 2021 to commemorate the pandemic year for the Class of 2024. It does not have a permanent place in a building yet; contact Deborah Halperin for further information.


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