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I will add content to this blog a couple of times a week, and an archives student assistant is taking on the task of scanning and adding photos. We created the “Help ID Photos!” page as a place viewers can see and comment on images we have little or no information about.

In summary, the content on all these pages will build over time but at irregular intervals. If you want to keep up with new additions but don’t want to bother checking the site regularly, there is a way to be notified of changes here just when we add things. Click on the word “posts” with the orange button next to it at the top of the blog pages for ways to get notified via RSS feeds.

If you’re not sure what RSS is or what it can do for you, check out this YouTube video describing RSS (Really Simple Syndication): RSS in Plain English or consult Rick Lindquist’s Technology at IWU blog post on the subject!

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