Nov 042019

Congradulations to Emilee Lieser (Monken) ’18 and Erich Lieser ’18 for getting married on June 8th! They met in the education department during their time at IWU. Erich played football all four years and Emilee was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Present at the wedding were many fellow students and alumni, including Emilee’s parents, who are alumni, and Emilee’s sister, who is a student.


In photo, from left to right: Jon Lieser, Bobby Lieser, Ian McGinnis (IWU ’18), Matt Campbell (current IWU employee and student), Brian Johnson (IWU 2014-18), Trevor Staley (IWU ’19), Reid Monken, Lee Lieser (IWU ’19), Erich Lieser (IWU ’18), Emilee Lieser (Monken (IWU ’18), Abigail Monken (IWU ’21), Emily Lieser, Linnea Swanson (IWU ’18), Emily Diehl (IWU ’17), Kelly Kaveney (IWU ’18), Caroline Cochonour, Gina Lathrop

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  1. Great day. Congrats again, you goobers.

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