Feb 152017


Brianne (Murphy) Wilke ’11 and Joe Wilke welcomed Maisie Leigh on December 30th. She was 4 lbs 9 oz, and 18 inches long. Congratulations!

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Jan 172017

Jenna (Frazier) Schafer ’11 married Scott Schafer on July 16, 2016 in Bourbonnais, Illinois.



Jessica (Hinterlong) Schaeffer ’11, Brian Schaeffer ’10, Katie (Rahn) Martin ’11, Kris Lee ’11, Kim Matteson ’11, Sarah Lejman ’11, Michael Filipiak ’10, Cara (Deverman) Filipiak ’11, Kathleen (Zeman) Schiffer ’11, Jim Schiffer ’14, Lucy Viereckl ’11, Kyle Brigham ’07, Jill (Schafer) Jackson ’04, Michael Jackson ’04

Not pictured but celebrated:
Jenifer Rank ’12, Catherine Bayles ’11, Brandon Carey ’12, Kassie (McNeilly) Carey ’11

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Jul 192016


Show your Titan Pride! 

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Jun 072016

Michelle A. Ponschke ’11 is the lead author on the article “A Limited Validation and Comparison of 1,2-indanedione and ThermaNin for Latent Print Development on Thermal Paper” published in the Journal of Forensic Identification. Michelle completed the M.S. degree in forensic sciences at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and is employed as a forensic scientist in the Trace Evidence Unit of the Michigan State Police Laboratory.

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May 042016

Amelia Anderson ’11 and William Dieterich were married on January 2, 2016.


Amelia Anderson '11 wedding

Back Row (left to right): Matthew Garmon, Doug Keller, Patrick Kirchhofer, Casey McIntosh, Kate (Brown) McIntosh, John Anderson, Amy Burton, Jason Pankau, Christina (Solari) Dwyer, Sean Dwyer Middle Row (left to right): Amanda (Potter) Kirchhofer, Taylor (Gregurich) McCafferty, Sephanie Gorrell, Marty Anderson, JoEllen (Williams) Archerd, Lori (Viehweg) Lally, Holly Harvey, Brittany Hasselbring, Hope (Schulte) Pankau, Jason Lopez, Karen (Solari) Lopez, Olivia Anderson Front Row: (left to right): Ewelina Wojanowska, Erin (Hussey) Garmon, Lynn (Viehweg) Anderson, Amelia (Anderson) Dieterich Not pictured: Rich Smith, Lauren Schroeder, Jenna Rowland, Karley Bridgewater, Nicki Preston, Carlie Mangieri, Devon Boydstun, Melissa (Buck) Scott, and Jake Scott.

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