Brenda Milcik

Jun 272013
Daniel George 09 headshot
I recently moved to Los Angeles from Seattle to continue pursuing a career in film.  Since my arrival here, I have landed a supporting actor role in a SyFy feature film, and I am now represented theatrically and commercially. The film is called “Quadrant 9EV9.”   It’s a feature-length film with distribution via the SyFy network. It’s a sci-fi feature which follows the ill-fated camping trip of five college students who stumble upon a abandoned military base.  They unknowingly release a hidden government weapon, and things go horribly wrong. I play a young computer genius named Derrick Grant.  It’s a great experience and I really enjoy working with the cast and the production team.  I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I acquired at Illinois Wesleyan, which help me navigate the subtleties in the script and contribute to a great project.

For more information, photos, and video, please “like” the production company Here.

Daniel can be reached at  To learn more, check him out via Facebook and via Twitter, @danielwillgeorg.  Representation: Johnson Talent; Teri Johnson,
Daniel George 09 on set 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Congratulations on your achievements, Daniel!