Feb 042019

Thank-A-Giver Day (TAG Day) is on Monday, February 11. This day provides the IWU campus community with the opportunity to thank the donors who support Illinois Wesleyan. IWU celebrates each year in mid-February because it marks the symbolic point during the academic year – about 70% of the way through – when tuition dollars run out and support from alumni and friends, our endowment, and external grants kicks in for the remainder of the year.

Thank you to all donors who help make the IWU experience possible!

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Jan 172019

Vicki Ward (’08) and Brian Ward welcomed a baby girl, Michelle Elizabeth ward, on December 22, 2018 at 1:12 am.  She was 8 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long.  Congratulations Vicki and Brian!

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Jan 072019

Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics Robert (Bob) Leekley passed away on Tuesday, Jan.1. Prof. Leekley started teaching at Illinois Wesleyan in 1974, and from his first year to his 44th, his commitment to IWU and our students remained unchanged. His positive impact on generations of students and colleagues will not be forgotten. Read an obituary. A service will be held in the IWU Evelyn Chapel from 11-12 on Wednesday, January 9th.

Nov 012018
Tony Lopez in a casual, low-stakes moment in Henry the V at Hartford Stage.
You can read more about Henry the V at Hartford Stage here.
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Oct 172018

Back to College Class: Stay in Circulation: The Impact of Medical Technology on Your Health from IWU Video on Vimeo.

Bridget Wall ’08 spoke at a Back to College Class during Homecoming 2018. Her class was titled “Stay in Circulation: The Impact of Medical Technology on Your Health” This Course provided an overview of peripheral artery disease, current treatment challenges, and the newest medical devices to improve health. Dr. Bridget Wall ’08, an Illinois Wesleyan and MIT graduate, serves at Medtronic as a clinical evidence expert and scientific communications specialist in the information/training to sales, marking, clinical, research and development, professional education, and health economics/reimbursement teams.
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Sep 262018

Amber Robinson ’08 is the director, translator and adapter of the TUTA Theatre Chicago production of RADIO CULTURE.

RADIO CULTURE will play October 17 – December 2, 2018 at TUTA Theatre, 4670 N. Manor Ave. in Chicago.

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