Jun 062017

Megan Sholar ’00 published her first book, Getting Paid While Taking Time: The Women’s Movement and the Development of Paid Family Leave Policies in the United States (Temple University Press). The book explores the reasons that the United States remains the only developed country in the world without paid family leave at the national level. During the 2016 presidential election, Megan also wrote about the candidates’ positions on paid leave in The Hill and The Washington Post. A political science major at IWU, she completed her PhD in political science and currently teaches at Loyola University Chicago.

Apr 052017

April 5, 2017 is our day of giving at Illinois Wesleyan and this year’s theme is Tune In for All In! Not only is today a day for giving, it’s a day to celebrate IWU and all of the things that make it special.

Visit https://www.iwu.edu/all-in/ to learn more and donate.

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