Oct 142021

Artwork from John Rakow ’98 was featured in “Signals and Codes,” an installation included in the Terrain Biennial international public art festival. Read the article here.

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Sep 232021

BOSTON (September 21, 2021) – Shepley Bulfinch, a national architecture firm known for design excellence and innovation, today announced the promotions of Joe Herzog, AIA, to executive vice president, market strategy.

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May 062021

John Munch was named superintendent of La Grange Highlands (Ill.) School District 106 in April 2021. John previously served as the assistant superintendent for human resources in Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills (Ill.) Elementary School District 181 for the past seven years. His prior experience includes serving as principal of Troy Heritage Trail Elementary School in Joliet, Illinois, and working as a middle school assistant principal, teacher and social worker.

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Apr 062021

Kyle Garifo ’98 has been developing in real estate for over 13 years including several condo ground-up construction projects in Chicago, over 200 flipped homes, cannabis dispensaries in 3 states and recently the development of The Heathers Senior Homes, a new model of doing assisted living in a home like setting. Kyle has since started 41 Development Group, LLC, responsible for raising capital from outside investors to further build the dispensaries and The Heathers Senior Homes expansion into other communities to meet the increasing demand for senior living.

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Mar 252021

Gary Hohbein ’98 penned Barney, a story about the philosophy of technology and the arrival of robots in our homes. Uncle John , who lives a hermit-like lifestyle in his log cabin with only his dog Barney, becomes the subjects of a technology experiment one day when a first-generation social robot mysteriously appears in his backyard. His indifference turns philosophical as he realizes its capabilities as not only a replacement for performing daily activities but as a threat to reflective thought and what makes him human. As the experimenters become impatient, John’s reflections turn to rage and a plot for revenge. Barney is available on Amazon.

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Mar 122021

Laura Warren ’98 was part of a Sports career panel on March 10, 2021, which gave insight for students interested in working in the sports industry. Our versatile alumni panelists have worked with the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Fire, and more.

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Feb 242021

Andrea (Armour) Trudeau ’98 was the recipient of the American Library Association’s 2020 Frances Henne Award, recognizing a school librarian with less than five years experience who demonstrates leadership.

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Feb 242021

Congratulations to Nate Knuffman ’98 who was named Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in August 2020.

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Feb 052021

Monday, February 8 is Thank-A-Giver Day at Illinois Wesleyan and we’re eager to celebrate generous Titans!

Thank-A-Giver (TAG) Day is the symbolic point during the academic year — about 70% of the way through — when tuition dollars are exhausted and Illinois Wesleyan relies on donor generosity to continue providing a world-class education and rewarding collegiate experiences.

Each and every year, every gift matters. Contributions benefit students and faculty, enhance academic excellence, and strengthen the IWU community.

Thank you to all who give back to move IWU forward.

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Dec 222020

Shannon McManimon has two new books. She is co-author (with Zachary A. Casey) of Building Pedagogues: White Practicing Teachers and the Struggle for Antiracist Work in Schools (SUNY Press, 2020) and co-editor of Whiteness at the Table: Antiracism, Racism, and Identity in Education (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018), for which she also co-authored two chapters.

Whiteness at the Table examines whiteness in the lived experiences of young children, family members, students, teachers, and school administrators. It focuses on racism and antiracism within the context of relationships. Its authors argue that we cannot read or understand whiteness as a phenomenon without attending to the everyday complexities and conflicts of white people’s lives. Whiteness at the Table is to persuade white people of their moral and political responsibility to bring whiteness—as an explicit topic, as perhaps the most important problem to be solved at this historical moment—to the table.
Pedagogues details a two-year critical teacher learning seminar called “RaceWork,” facilitated by Zachary A. Casey and Shannon K. McManimon, both white teacher educators, working with eight white K12 teachers committed to advancing antiracism in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Drawing on interviews, field notes, teacher reflections, and classroom observations, Building Pedagogues details the program’s theoretical and pedagogical foundations; a unique tripartite approach to race and racism at personal, local, and structural levels; learnings, strategies, and practical interventions that emerged from the program; and the challenges and resistance these teachers faced.
Congratulations, Shannon, on your work!
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