Oct 312014

Greetings, Titans!

For all of you who attended Homecoming, I hope you had a wonderful time visiting campus, reuniting with fellow classmates, and making memories to last a lifetime. If you took photos while you were here, please send them to classnews@iwu.edu with names and captions. We will post them to your Online Class Newsletter. Check here to see if you or your friends were featured in the campus Homecoming Album.

We were thrilled to offer outstanding Back to College classes taught by our talented alumni and esteemed faculty. If you weren’t able to attend the Back to College classes, you’re in luck! Click here to view the classes available.

Alumni award winners, Kyle Pfortmiller ’92, Sean Parsons ’01 and Kris Condon ‘84 gave heartfelt tributes to faculty mentors and their alma mater at the Oct. 18 Homecoming luncheon where they were honored. Those speeches can be viewed here.

Please take a few minutes and give us your feedback so that we can make Homecoming even better. We hope to see you next year. Mark your calendars for October 9-11, 2015!

Go Titans!

Adriane Powell
Office of Alumni Relations
Illinois Wesleyan University

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