May 292018

Howard Fricke ’60 and Sharon (Linton) Fricke ’60 and their Legacy Graduate, grandson Brandon Fricke ’18

Mr. David S. Fricke ’85, Mr. Brandon D. Fricke ’18, Mrs. Sharon Linton Fricke ’60 and Mr. Howard R. Fricke ’60 –  Legacy Graduates 2018 Legacy Photos. Illinois Wesleyan photo by Robert Frank III

  2 Responses to “Howard Fricke ’60 and Sharon (Linton) Fricke ’60”

  1. Nice photo. good to see you after all these years.even if it is just a photo. Would like to see you for real.
    Do you still have horses??

    Sally Jo (Irvin) Blackburn

    • Thanks so much Sally Jo. I also had a daughter graduate from IWU so we have continued the tradition. Can’t believe I have made this age. I don’t have horses but I train therapy dogs (not service dogs) and am also a national evaluator for therapy dogs. I guess I just love animals. Good to hear from you. What are your interests at this time in your life? Sharon Linton Fricke

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