Mar 012018

Justin R. Kronewetter ’62, Emeritus Professor of Fine Art / Emeritus Director, Ross Art Museum at Ohio Wesleyan University shared that there is an exhibition of his photographic artwork currently on display in the Wakeley Gallery in the art department at IWU.  The show is on display through 4pm on March 22nd.

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  1. Congratulations on the exhibition, Justin. I wish it were possible for me too see it.

  2. Justin:

    Sorry I don’t live closer, would love to see the exhibition. So many opportunities, not enough time.

    Still have one of your oils hanging in my living room. Also still display on the same wall a Fred Barnes Illinois Creek Bed in Winter print and a Bill Cole multi media copper mask.

    Art from the 1960’s has stood the test of relevance.

    Thank you for sharing your talents.

    Phylis (Sanders) Salak 1963

  3. Am crossin’ my fingers, Justin!

  4. Hey Justin, I’m reading the IWU Online Newsletter regarding your exhibition. Congratulations. Disappointed I cannot attend, but would like to make contact with an old friend!

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