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2016-10-01 IWU Homecoming. The class of 1966 celebrated their 50 reunion at Bloomington Country Club. Photo by Marc Featherly.

Please help us identify some of your classmates. Please send corrections by clicking in the comments in the upper right hand corner of the post if we have anyone incorrectly labeled:

Front row left to right:  Carol (Coons) Hayner ’66, Unknown Woman in brown geometric print top and glasses, Carol (Gray) Beaman ‘66

Second row left to right: Janice (Stackhouse) Clark ’66, Fran (Olson) Rouzee ’66, Judith (Elbert) Favell ’66, Marjorie (Ticknor) Hazelton ‘66, Mary Jo( Catlin) Loder ’66, Connie (Leach) Larson ’66

Third Row left to right:  Candace (Martin) Hunter ’66, Mary (Wade) Baker ‘66, Denny Matthews ’66, Kathryn (Shouse) Tornquist ’66, Larry Bross ’66, Dick Healy ’66, Gayle Rathbun ‘66

Fourth Row:  Dick Muirhead ’66, James Gresham ’66, William Larson ’66, Tom Burmeister ’66, Robert Whitley ’66, Dr. Georgia (Griffith) Whitley ‘66

  3 Responses to “Class of 1966 50th Reunion – Oct. 2016”

  1. Third Row – Unknown man in dark jacket & tie – Larry Bross ’66. Unknown man in full beard and dark jacket – Dick Healy ’66.

    Fourth Row – Unknown man in grey suit and tie and beard – Dick Muirhead “66

  2. The woman in the dark red sweater with glasses, next to Mary Wade is Candice Martin. Can’t remember if that’s her maiden name or married name. Bonnie Hall Ruecker.

  3. We enjoyed seeing this picture and wish we had been there. At the IWU Phoenix Connection, we saw Toby and Peggy Herzog, among others. Dennis and Rose (Osterman) Kleidon

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