Jan 072014

Stuart and Linda (Gitzendanner) recently contacted the Alumni Office and wanted to share a blast from the past!

stuart hines '67

Stuart says, “Attached is a picture of the Homecoming “Chariot Race” for the 1964 IWU Homecoming festivities.  This picture came from the IWU archives and happened to be taken at the first turn of the chariot race just as the Theta Chi chariot wheel fell off “due to suspicious sabotage by competing fraternities”.

The people in the picture are two Theta Chi “pledges” – Rick King (67 – a very loyal IWU alum) and Dean Wait (68) with the rider of the chariot Linda Gitzendanner Hines (AOPi – 68).

Linda Gitzendanner Hines (68 – AOPi) and I (Stuart Hines – 67 – Theta Chi) will be celebrating our 45th anniversary in September of 2014.  IWU is where ‘we met and fell in love’. “

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