General Policies

IWU Young Scholars. Young Scientists and Mythbusters Camps.
Safety Guidelines Agreement  – the form that will be signed by both parents AND participating youth

IWU Young Scholars activities will take place in various places and buildings around campus. Policies for keeping everyone together and safe will be reviewed regularly with the adult supervisors for the group (teachers, teaching assistants, student supervisors). It is important that everyone knows the emergency procedures as well as for keeping track of all of the young campers at all times. While the Illinois Wesleyan Campus is a very safe place, the IWU Young Scholars Program has established some sensible policies with child safety in mind.

  1.  Background checks – All IWU student teaching assistants and supervisors have received background checks. It is a requirement for any student in the education program. Any teaching assistant and after-hours supervisor who is an IWU student majoring in the sciences has also had a background check conducted. The lead teachers are required to go through background checks as part of their licensure.
  2.  General safety policy- two adults are assigned to the youth groups of any size so that if something comes up requiring an adult to leave the group and assist an individual, there is still adult supervision for the rest of the group. The registrar will be on campus during any camp related activity as an extra adult.

IWU Young Scholars. Young Scientists and Mythbusters Camps.Safety Guidelines Agreement

Families agree to review the IWU Young Scholars Safety Guidelines.  Signatures are required of the parents AND the participating youth acknowledging that families have read and agree to the Safety Guidelines.

This is the only form that will be sent to you through regular mail.  All forms will be available at check-in and can be signed then, but if you prefer,  you can bring the signed Safety Guidelines Agreement with you on the first day.




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