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Station Info

about WESN
WESN is a 100 watt stereo FM station broadcasting from Illinois Wesleyan University’s Kemp Hall in Bloomington IL. WESN is student funded and student operated. Please contact our staff with questions!

meet the student staff
Station Manager: Sam Lundquist – slundqui@iwu.edu

Asst.¬†Station Manager: Huyen Nguyen –¬†hnguyen2@iwu.edu

Programming Director: Regina Blaskie- rblaskie@iwu.edu

Music Director: Sean Grady- sgrady1@iwu.edu

Asst. Music Director: Adriana Erickson- aericks1@iwu.edu

Tech Director: Joe Vitti- jvitti@iwu.edu

Marketing Director: Yemaya Jennings- yjenning@iwu.edu


advisor – Rick Lindquist

all phone numbers are area code 309
requests: 556.2634 or 556.2635
office: 556.2638
email: wesn@iwu.edu

artists & labels submit materials to:
Music Director
WESN 88.1 FM
PO Box 2900
Bloomington IL 61702